Newborns die due to prematurity


Newborns die due to sepsis and other infections


Children under 5 die due to pneumonia


NemoCare aims to end all preventable neonatal and maternal deaths in the developing world by building innovative affordable,accessible,highly accurate monitoring solutions for the emerging markets.We use unobtrusive wireless wearable sensors and networks, analytical algorithms and big data as tools to provide continuous, high resolution monitoring and preventive care for every patient in hospital, and at home- making sure that no stone is unturned to prevent any form of mortality and morbidity . We use design thinking principles to build life-saving technologies that will transform the way healthcare is delivered. The core issues we are tackling are...

No Timely Intervetion

Lack of accurate detection of conditions and alerting for timely intervention required to prevent injury

Lack of Resources

Early discharge due to lack of family and institutional resources increases the risk

Skill Intensive Devices

Multiple devices for assesing vital signs are too complex for low skilled healthcare workers.

False Alarms

Current devices are expensive with high rate of false alarms.

Delayed Attention

In low resource setting, due to lack of manpower, attention to apnea and hypothermia is delayed or absent.

Bulky Devices

Bulky, wired devices that cannot be used during Kangaroo Mother Care and are not portable.

Our Flagship product ,the " Nemocare Raksha" is a wearable on the newborn that continuously monitors the necessary vital parameters used to detect Apnea , Hypothermia and other distress conditions. An integrated diagnostic tool that connects wirelessly to a central platform which ensures that the nurse can monitor all the babies simultaneously and alert when a distress condition is detected.It continuously tracks key vital parameters, detects distress conditions and alerts the caregiver for providing timely intervention and securely stores the data that can be accessed later by the doctor.

Single piece of hardware to measure multiple vital signs.

Real - time high precision monitoring and timely alerting

Useable both in hospital and at home

Unified intelligent platform for data management

Truly Portable and Affordable - can be used during transport

Can be used during Kangaroo Mother Care and at mothers side

No skilled training required

Capable of Remote Continuos clinical grade monitoring

AI powered Clinical Decision Support System


Pratyusha Pareddy

An industrial designer passionate about using design thinking to create accessible, meaningful solutions to solve the unmet needs.

Manoj Sanker

A tech entrepreneur and aspiring product leader whose skillsets span the areas of Smart Wearables, Internet of Things combined with Machine Learning

NemoCare Wellness is a spin off from the Fellowship in Healthcare Entrepreneurship program at the Center for Healthcare Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Technology- Hyderabad, which the founders are alumni of

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